Remedy Simulation Group

The company was founded as Pulse Anatomy in 2011 and rebranded as Remedy Simulation Group in 2015.  While medical simulation is our core specialty we realized there is so much more we can offer the medical community and our name need to reflect that.  All of our Remedy branded products are developed by combining industrial design with biomedical engineering to create winning solutions. Our models will always have a realistic physical component that can be touched, cut, poked, prodded, and felt in some manner. Medicine will always require interaction with a patient and being able to offer that same high level of interaction with our products is our goal. If you have an idea for a new simulation product, we can walk you through the process of licensing your idea and selling it through our dedicated webstore and network of distributors. If your lab uses a special home made product, we can also build that just for you. This can free up valuable time to develop new products to meet the growing need all organizations have.   Over the course of 2015 and into 2016 we are building our capacity for small lot manufacturing beyond anatomy models.  An ISO based quality system is being implemented to allow for medical device and consumer product production.  All of this can help start up companies grow or large companies move faster.  Contact us to learn more.