How are you different from other task trainer companies? 
We believe our products address specific complaints from simulation professionals we have spoken with from all over the country. While many existing models do an excellent job of providing a vehicle to practice the steps of a procedure, we provide models designed to develop motor skills.

Why Remedy SIM? 
We combine talent from the medical device, art, education, and pharmacuetical industries to make our products. We approach each product with a fresh perspective and apply the right technology.  By combining traditional art practices with the latest technology great things can happen!

Are you limited to small lot production? 
Yes and no.  To be successful in the US production market we need to be flexible.  This sometimes limits our ability to invest in high volume production equipment.  In our experience all sucessful products start small and grow.  If we cannot develop a customer manufacturing solution, there are partners in place to help to provide injection molding, packaging, and other traditional production methods.

What type of equipment do you have?
The majority of our equipment revolves around urethane and silicone casting.  We manufacture custom tooling to suit each job and also have traditional some small scale generic production tools like pad printing, die cutting, drill presses, etc.  Our 3D printing equipment consists of Projet technology, SLA, and FFM.

Are you related to Pulse Anatomical Model Company? 
Yes, we are the same group with a new identity and a bigger mission!


Will I be charged sales tax on my purchase? 
Only residents of Pennsylvania will be charged sales tax.

Do you accept international orders? 
Yes, we accept international orders.

Shipping & Returns

How can I return an item? 
Please contact us to discuss returning an item. We will provide a return shipping label for your convenience.

Can I change or cancel my order after I place it? 
Yes, orders can be changed or cancelled, either through the website or by contacting us. Cancellations will only be made before your items have been shipped.